How to Group and Ungroup Notebooks in Noteshelf iOS

You can create multiple groups of notebooks in a category. You can also ungroup them by moving the notebook back to the category. Read on to find out how-


To create a group-

  1. Hold and drag a notebook and drop onto another to create a group.
  2. Drag and drop more notebooks on an existing group to add more notebooks.
  3. Long press on the group to rename it.

To ungroup notebooks-

  1. Go to the group and long press on the notebook you want to remove from the group.
  2. Tap on Move
  3. From the quick access panel on the left, select the category you want to move the notebook to and select "Move".
    Drag the notebook onto the category and drop to move the notebook out of the group.

We hope this helps. Happy note-taking!

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