How to send an email and logs to Noteshelf iOS Support


If you are facing bugs or glitches in the Noteshelf app or would want to request a new feature, you can reach out to us right from the app. You can also send us logs from your app so that our developers can look into the details of the issue further.

To contact our support team from the Noteshelf app:

  1. On the main shelf menu, tap on the drawer-dark_3x.png Quick Access Panel and tap on the Group_10.png Gear Icon
  2. Tap on " Untitled_Artwork_12.png Support"
  3. Once the new dialogue box appears, you can either browse the Knowledge Base for your query or tap on the "Contact Us" button on the top right corner of the dialogue box.
  4. Select on "Send Email"

To send logs of your app:

  1. Follow the above steps up to point 3
  2. Select "Send logs"

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