How to use Bookmarks in Noteshelf?

Bookmarks provide a shortcut to easily accessing important notes at any point.
By bookmarking your notes, you can save a lot of time you might otherwise lose trying to locate your notes.

To use the Bookmark feature in Noteshelf, follow these steps:
1. Open the notes you would like to bookmark.
2. Tap the “Pages” icon
3. Here you will be able to view all your notes in that particular notebook. On the right corner of the preview page, you will find the “Bookmark” icon
4. Tap the bookmark icon to bookmark the page.

To Bring Up More Bookmark Options:
The default colour of your bookmarks will be blue. If you want to change this colour, follow these steps:

1. Long tap the “Bookmark icon in the Pages Preview section.

2. This will bring up the bookmark dialogue box. Enable this option.



3. Now you will be able to view the options to change the colour of your bookmarks!

Note: You can also name your bookmarks for easy categorisation.

To View All Your Bookmarks:
All your bookmarked notes will be safely stored in one place for easy access. To view all your bookmarks:

1. Tap the “Pages” icon
2. Tap the “Filter” icon beside the search bar.
3. Go to “Bookmarked” to find all the notes you have added bookmarks.


4. You will have two viewing options:
      i. Thumbnail View: You will be able to preview your notes from the menu bar.


ii. List View: All the bookmarks you have named will be listed here. In case you haven’t named your bookmarks they will be displayed as “Untitled”.


Creating “Clickable Chapters” using bookmarks: 

Bookmarks are here to help you sort, categorize and organize your notes better. When you have a large notebook with many pages, your bookmarks can be a table of contents.

To create
Clickable Chapters, follow these steps: 

  1. Bookmark all the first pages of your notebook's chapters/important pages. 
  2. Name these bookmarks using relevant names [eg. Chapter 1/Part 1]
  3. You can also color-code them to distinguish your notes and notebooks. 
  4. You can then find these bookmarks in the “list view” of your bookmarks as clickable chapters.

We constantly strive to help you organize your notes better. This effort brings some useful improvements to the bookmarks tool. ‘Named and colored bookmarks’ is our humble attempt towards making your note-taking experience easier and better.

Use the amazing organizational features to mark and access your notes easily. 

Happy Note-Taking! 😄




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