Sync across Android devices is here!

Now, sync your notes across multiple Android devices by signing into the same Google account. This way, you can access your notes - anytime, anywhere. 

Here is how you can sync your notes:

  1. Open the Noteshelf app, and from the “Quick access” menu, Open Settings
  2. Go to Sync & Backup 

  1. Tap “Sync” and turn on the “Sync” option

  1.  Now log in to your Google account [login to the account you want to access your notes from]
  2. You are now signed in! All of your books will now be synced to this Google Drive account

Tapping on ‘Learn More About Sync’, you will learn about Sync in detail.


Note: The syncing process will begin only after you have closed your notebook


Sync Status bar

Tap the info icon -  on the Sync status bar for more information on the status of your notebooks which are syncing. 



This is how the status of your sync will be displayed once you click the info icon :


Important Points to Note: 

  • All the changes you make on one device will be updated across all devices you are logged into with the same account. 
  • If you make changes to the same notebook simultaneously from two different devices, a dialogue will appear asking you which version you would like to sync. Here you can choose a specific version or sync all of your changes. 

  • Your notes will strictly be accessible only on Android Devices. Cross-platform integration has yet to be made available. 

In case of a Conflicted Notebook:

If your notebook has some conflicts, you cannot open the notebook or move pages from another notebook to this notebook until the conflict issue is resolved.


If you don’t have internet access and try to open a conflicted notebook, you will be shown an alert with the option to "Force Open (Not recommended)" the notebook. Force opening the notebook can result in Data Loss. 


Sync Notifications:

  • On Android 12 and below, notifications will be allowed by default. A dialogue box with Allow / Don’t Allow will be displayed on Android 13 and above, asking if you want to enable notifications. You can allow it here or update your preferences by going to your device's app settings. Notifications will display only on Success and Failure of Sync.

Signing out of your Google Drive account from Cloud Logins in the settings

Signing out of your Google account will stop both Syncs and Backups in progress. 

  • To only disable Sync:

Settings > Sync & Backup > Sync > Turn off “Sync”


  • To only disable backup:

Settings > Sync & Backup > Backup > Turn off “Backup”

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