Evernote One-Way Auto-Publish

Evernote Auto-Publish enables you to automatically publish contents of your selected notebooks from Noteshelf to your Evernote account.

Get it as an in-app purchase by tapping on the Plus icon on the home screen. Then select the Evernote tab to download it.

1. To set it up, tap the gear icon on the main shelf of the app and select Evernote Account, Sign-in to your Evernote account from here. And follow the below procedure.


2. Open your existing notebook then tap on the gear icon to enable Evernote. For new notebooks, you can enable this feature directly from the new notebook creation screen itself (Plus icon on the main shelf).

From here on, all contents of that notebook will be automatically published to your Evernote account.

Take note that you have to enable Evernote on every notebook you want to sync to your Evernote account. 

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