Backup Via AirTransfer

AirTransfer allows you to wirelessly backup, archive and share your notebooks in other iPads, laptops or your  desktop computer.

To get started, make sure that you have the latest version installed of Noteshelf by checking if there are no notification updates.

AirTransfer requires a laptop or desktop computer to backup your notes before transferring your data into a new iPad. So select which device would you like to back up your notes. We advice that you use your home network to keep information on your iPad and your laptop secure.



Backup all your Noteshelf notebooks and documents

1. Open Noteshelf and tap on the gear icon on the shelf toolbar. In the drop down option, tap on “AirTransfer Back/ Restore.”

2. You will see a pop up window with the message “Noteshelf AirTransfer.” A link is given which allows you to access Noteshelf files from your desktop/ laptop. It will have the website address as such “http://199.168….” Just stay on that page and don’t tap on “Stop AirTransfer” just yet.

3. Now go to your laptop/ desktop and open up a browser and type in the link that Noteshelf has just provided.

4. Once you’ve entered the link in the browser, you will see a window with all your notebooks, like so:

Tap on the “Download Database” button.

5. Look at your iPad and you will see on Noteshelf a download bar. This might take several minutes, depending on how many notebooks you have. Wait until you see the “Downloaded Completed” message. Then tap on Stop AirTransfer.

6. On your desktop/ laptop, check out the downloaded Noteshelf database by looking for the filename format, Noteshelf-Backup-201......ndb. The file extension should be .ndb


Restore all your backedup Noteshelf notebooks and documents 

Now on your new iPad, make sure that you have the same Noteshelf version installed. Please take note that if you’re going to transfer your Noteshelf database from your old iPad to the new iPad, then all your noteboks in the new iPad will be deleted.

1. On your new iPad, open up Noteshelf and tap on the gear icon and choose “AirTransfer Backup/ Restore.”  You will again see a pop up window “Noteshelf AirTransfer.”

2. Go back to your laptop/ desktop and type in again the address that you see on that window. It will take you to a page that shows the content of Noteshelf on your new iPad. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap the “Restore from Backup” button.

3. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select the backup file that you created earlier. Click on the select button, browse for the …. and choose it. Once its selected, click on the Submit button.

4. Check your new iPad and you will the downloading bar. Once its finished, tap on the Restart button to close Noteshelf.

When you open up Noteshelf again, you should now see all your notebooks from your old iPad transferred to your new iPad.

That’s it. From your old iPad to a desktop/ laptop to a new iPad, that’s how you use AirTransfer in Noteshelf.

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