Common Evernote Sync Error

If you are a heavy user of Evernote Sync feature in Noteshelf, you might have encountered a red Evernote icon on the toolbar sometimes. This icon indicates that the Evernote Sync process has encountered some error. Tapping on it will show the exact error. Few errors auto-resolve after some time, but some of them require your action. Below are three common errors and how to resolve them:

Rate Limit Reached
Evernote server accepts only a certain number of requests from each user per hour. If you hit this hourly limit, you have to wait another hour to resume sync. If this is the error message you are seeing, just ignore it as the sync will automatically resume after some time.

Quota Reached
Each Evernote user gets a monthly quota (usage limit) of how much data he/she can upload to their server. The actual quota varies based on the account level (i.e. regular or premium). If you hit your monthly quota, Noteshelf will show a “Quota Reached” error message. In this case, you just have to wait until your next cycle date for the sync to resume. Alternatively, you can sign-up for the premium membership with Evernote to instantly get a higher quota. You can check you quota status and cycle date on the Evernote website login.

Size exceeded Evernote limits
This is yet another common error message where a specific notebook is too large to sync with Evernote. Evernote has a certain limit on each note, and the sync of that notebook will stop once that limit exceeds. In this case, waiting will not solve the issue. You need to split the notebook that has the error into smaller notebooks, by moving some of your pages into a new notebook, so your sync can continue. Even if a notebook hits this “size exceeded” error state, other notebooks will continue to sync normally.

Please contact us if you see any issues other than the above. We are always happy to help!

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