Choose your writing tool

Noteshelf offers a range of writing tools, letting you create vibrant notes, colorful sketches and more. Write with a ball pen, calligraphic ink pen or a pencil. Mark-up your notes with a highlighter. Get all of this in Noteshelf via the Writing Tools Rack.

  1. From a notebook, tap on the Writing Tools icon. Swipe to the right to view more writing tools.
  2. Pick your writing tool by tapping on it.
  3. Choose from the 10 tip sizes by tapping on the size numbers at the bottom of the Writing Tools Rack.
  4. Tap anywhere outside to close the rack and start writing.

For quick access of your commonly used writing tools, we have provided 2 icons of the toolbar. For example, you can set a black pen in the first writing tools icon then set a green highlighter in the  second writing tools icon for marking up your notes.

Three sizes of erasers can also be accessed via the Eraser icon on your notebook toolbar.

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