Advanced Zoom Settings


Auto-advance is the darkened area on the right side of the zoom window. It enables you to move automatically to a blank area once your handwritten stroke touches that region. You can adjust it by using the drag handles that marks the edge of that region.



Manual Advance

You can also manually move your active zoom area by dragging it on the page or by using the 3 buttons located at the zoom window. You can manually move the active zoom area by tapping on the left, right or next line button.

You can also adjust these buttons to be place on either the right or left side of the by tapping on the gear icon on the zoom window.


Writing Tools

The same writing tools are also available on the zoom window. Tap on the writing tools to choose a default color.

Then tap again to change its color or modify its tip size.




Palm Rejection

You can also use the Palm Rejection when you're in zoom mode by dragging the Palm Rejection handle located at the bottom left part of the zoom window.


Navigate Pages

To go to the next page or go back to a previous page, just tap on the page number tools located at the zoom window.




Zoom Factor and Line Spacing

When you drag and decrease the size of the active zoom area, your notes on the zoom panel gets a little blurry. But your original notes are not affected.

Choose the Zoom Factor and also the Line Spacing by tapping on the gear icon on the Zoom Toolbar.



Adjust Zoom Area

To adjust the width and length of your active zoom area, tap on the handle located at the upper right corner of the zoom window.


Then hold and drag the lower right corner of the active zoom area.


Adjust it to any size that you prefer by using these two functions.


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