Introducing AI for Noteshelf 3

We are thrilled to introduce Noteshelf AI, your very own virtual assistant built right into the app. Simply ask Noteshelf AI for guidance, tips, or even a quick summary of notes, and it will provide you with all the note-taking assistance you need. 

Noteshelf AI can assist you with the following:

  • Notes Generation:  Generate notes on any topic

  • Summarization: Summarize notes from any document

  • Explanation: Explanations of imported document

  • Translation: Translate text from any language

To get started,

  • Simply lasso the handwritten, typed, or PDF content you want assistance with. Then tap on the AI icon on the toolbar or choose the Noteshelf AI option from the contextual menu.

  • To consider the entire page as a prompt, just tap on the AI icon on the toolbar.

  • Choose from the options provided by the assistant or provide a custom prompt.

  • Select how you would like the response to be added to your notes- as handwriting or text.

Please Note:

  • Currently, Noteshelf AI can generate handwritten notes only in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

  • There are a limited number of prompts available in this beta as we gather valuable feedback to refine and improve this feature.

  • Noteshelf AI may occasionally produce errors or require additional guidance to provide accurate responses. If you come across issues or have any suggestions, reach out to us through the Send Feedback option.

  • We provide up to 30 free trials for this feature after which a purchase option will be enabled soon.

Important Notice: Noteshelf AI relies on the ChatGPT API to perform various AI tasks for the user. When the user invokes any of the Noteshelf AI functions, all / selected content of the current page is sent to the ChatGPT server for processing.
Here's our Privacy Policy -
For detailed information on how the ChatGPT API handles user data, please refer to OpenAI’s API Data Privacy -

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