How to use Stickers & add new ones!

Yes, we heard you! You can now add Stickers to your notes!

  1. Open notebook
  2. Tap on ‘Add’ menu (Plus icon) -> Image Gallery tab -> Stickers
  3. Tap on a Sticker to open related Stickers
  4. Choose a Sticker to add it to the page

You can long tap on the pasted Sticker to get these options :

Delete, Resize, Rotate, Cut, Copy, Paste, Lock, Bring to front & Send to back.

We're also working on providing an option to custom create Stickers in future updates, pls stay tuned! For now, you can download more Stickers from our ‘Templates’ section.

  1. Tap on ‘Templates’ option from the main shelf level
  2. Scroll to see ‘Stickers’
  3. Download the desired pack of Stickers
  4. Downloaded Stickers will display directly under ‘Snippets/Stickers’ in the Add menu of the notebook 

    We hope this helps!
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