Exciting new features in our latest v8.0

This is one of our biggest updates till date & we have given a very careful consideration to all of our user's requests!

We appreciate all of your patience & support and here's why this update is worth the wait :

  • A brand new Template store for you : gain access to over 200 free templates in various styles!

  • Step into the future of note-taking with AI-Powered Notes! Leverage the technology & enhance your productivity! Noteshelf AI can assist you with the following:

    • Notes Generation:  Generate notes on any topic

    • Summarization: Summarize notes from any document

    • Explanation: Explanations of imported document

    • Translation: Translate text from any language

    To get started, follow the steps provided here.

  • Preset & Editable Shapes are finally here!

    • The shapes tool now offers a variety of preset shapes to simplify your note-taking.

    • Shapes or lines drawn using the “Hold to convert” option are also now editable.

  • Export / Share multiple notebooks at once. This has been one of the most requested feature in recent times!

  • Customize with the choice of light/dark mode via the in-app Settings. Just the way you like it!

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