What's New in Noteshelf 3!

We are super excited to present to you Noteshelf 3—a major leap in letting you take beautiful notes, effortlessly!

Let’s look into some of the key improvements Noteshelf 3 brings.

Made with EVERYONE in mind

Over the years we’ve come to  learn and appreciate that no two people take notes the same way. Noteshelf 3 offers many customization features that lets you configure the app exactly the way you need. So, you are in charge!

You decide what’s on your toolbar

The toolbar is now completely customizable. You can decide precisely what tools you want on your toolbar and remove the ones you don’t use, giving you a single-tap access to the tools you use often.

A template for every need

We have curated a long list of user requests for new templates & considering all this feedback, and adding a few of our own ideas, Noteshelf 3 includes a gallery of 100s of templates. You can now preview them in fullscreen too!

Covers to personalize your notebooks

Our brand-new custom cover experience lets you create beautiful covers effortlessly from the vast Unsplash photo gallery. You can even write or doodle on your notebook covers.


Floating Mini Toolbar

Our users collectively change pen colors roughly 5 million times each day! With this in mind, we’ve made the pen colors and sizes readily accessible with a single tap on a mini toolbar—no more going through menus for this.

Focus Mode

In this mode, all the tools will be removed from the screen with a quick 4-finger tap gesture. Enjoy edge-to-edge note-taking experience where the paper fills the entire screen. Absolutely no distractions.


Everything that matters—at your fingertips

We have always given a lot of importance to note organization and search in Noteshelf. Bookmarks, Tags, groups, and sub-groups are the classic ways in which Noteslelfers stay organized. Our Global Search will look through everything including your own handwriting in 60 different languages. Noteshelf 3 takes this legacy even further.


A brand new way to find your notes

With Noteshelf 3, we have further elevated your ability to quickly look up notes with what we call Content Views. Content Views are like folders on your shelf that automatically populate with your photos, recordings, and bookmarks, from all your notebooks providing a new way to quickly find what you are looking for. 


A Home for all your notes

We’ve created a brand new Home section where you can access all your notes in one place; handy if you generally work on a handful of notebooks at any given time. The home also features a tips & tricks section to help you make the most out of Noteshelf 3. 

Lots more to discover and love!

This is just scratching the surface of what we’ve done in Noteshelf 3. If you are a Noteshelf 2 user, you’ll discover lots of improvements across the app.

Noteshelf 3 is now available as a brand new app on the App Store and is free to use with limited functionality, along with a small one-time fee to go fully premium. Go check it out now, and let us know what you think. We look forward to hearing from you!

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