[v1.3.1 onwards] Migrate Entire Data set from NS2 to NS3

We've now streamlined the data migration process in our latest NS3 v1.3.1, making it super easy for you to transition completely into the new app!! 

Here's the how-to's:

  1. Update the NS2 app to latest v8.8.14, open it-> tap on Settings -> tap on ‘Migrate to Noteshelf 3’
  2. 'Your Notebooks are ready to be migrated' will be displayed along with ‘Continue in Noteshelf 3’. Tapping on it will start the migration to NS3. On every screen, you have the option to Cancel the migration process
  3. 'Migration Success' along with 'Done' button will be displayed. Tapping on the done button will migrate all the notebooks to the NS3 app
Notebooks that are there in the Uncategorized section will move to the Unfiled category of NS3. All the categories created in NS2 will migrate fully along with the notebooks to NS3.
Here's how the Categories are transitioned:
NS2 Uncategorized -> NS3 Unfiled
NS2 My Notes -> NS3 My Notes
NS2 New Categories -> NS3 New Categories 
P.S.: The “Migrate to NS3” option won't show up in NS2 app for non-premium NS3 users. Pls check if you're a premium NS3 user before trying this feature.

Migrate your notes, enjoy the new app!


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