Data Migration from NS2 to NS3

We've now streamlined the data migration process, making it super easy for you to transition into the new app!! 


Steps to migrate data into Noteshelf 3:
  1. Make sure the Noteshelf 2 app is on the device first
  2. Install the Noteshelf 3 app
  3. In Noteshelf 3, a section called 'Noteshelf 2' will be displayed with all the available Categories in the Noteshelf 2 app.
  4. You can just tap on a Noteshelf 2 notebook and migrate it accordingly.
  5. The book will then be displayed under the 'Categories' section in the same Category as Noteshelf 2. Example: You have a category called 'July Project' in Noteshelf 2. Tap on a book named 'Project Expenses' in that Category and choose the 'Migrate' option. Now you can see that the book 'Project Expenses' will be displayed under the 'July Project' Category under the 'Categories' section. 

Some points to note:

  • Editing operations like opening, deleting, duplicating, renaming etc. is not possible on the books under the 'Noteshelf 2' section of the Noteshelf 3 app
  • It is not possible to publish/backup/save to iCloud the books under the 'Noteshelf 2' section of the Noteshelf 3 app
  • Once after migration, all of the above can be performed again
  • At present, you can send 1 book at a time. Once we ensure the migrations are working fine for all users, we have plans to enable the same for multiple books/ groups/ and categories as well. Stay tuned!



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