[v8.0.2] Introducing The All New Template Store

If there's one thing to love most about Noteshelf, most power users picked more variety of templates! We've now provided more types, styles & size of paper templates & you can also save them to the Library.

There has been an UI change in regards to how you access your templates. Please observe the same in the helpful video below to clear all your doubts!

You can access templates from the store & create customs while creating a new notebook from the main shelf->choose between basic templates OR tap on Template Store to Discover new ones & add them to your own Library OR create Customs from here itself. Change template orientation, select template type, color, rule size and device type as well!! 



Custom Templates -

Import from under this tab by tapping on 'Import Now':

  • From + Thumbnail you can import any files, Photo templates & Page from Camera
  • Two options; 'Create Notebook' & 'Delete' will be displayed upon long tapping on any Custom template

Create from the New Notebook creation screen:

  • Tap on + Thumbnail on the shelf -> New Notebook -> Paper Template
  • Default template styles - Plain, Ruled, Checked, Dotted & Legal will display along with ‘More Templates’. Tapping on the ‘More Templates’ screen will redirect to the Templates Category, with a pop-up asking to continue or cancel from where different paper templates can be selected and created


  • Paper Templates cannot be created under the 'Library' & 'Custom' sections from inside the notebook. They have to be created from the main shelf so you can access them from within a notebook.
  • Landscape templates are not accessible from mobile devices but can be added during a New Notebook Creation process
  • Noteshelf Club is removed from the app. Only default Cover templates are available

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