How to Create & Manage Tags

Tags serve several important purposes which contribute to better organization, retrieval, goal setting, prioritization and overall productivity. Adding more power to your workflow, we now support tagging your notebooks too, apart from pages! Here's how to create & manage your Tags in Noteshelf 3.

Notebook level:
1. Open Page thumbnail menu
2. Select a Page or multiple pages
3. Long tap on the page
4. Choose Tag option
5. Provide the desired tags
6. Given tags will be displayed under the page in the Page thumbnail menu

1. Open notebook
2. Tap on 3 dots menu -> Customize toolbar -> add Tag
3. Tap on tag icon from toolbar
4. Provide desired tags to the current page
5. Given tag names from here will also display under page in the Page thumbnail menu

Shelf level:

1.Long tap on a notebook from the shelf->Tag->provide desired tags to tag that notebook
2. You can see 'Tags' section in left panel on shelf (all Tags in the app will be displayed here)
3. Tapping on a tag name will display respective pages with that tag 
4. Long tap on that page->Edit Tags->from here you can add new tags, remove the existing tags as well

You can also search tags in the global search and in the Finder search as well. Here's how to:

  1. Tap on the Search icon on the main shelf or within the page thumbnail menu of the notebook
  2. Provide tag name
  3. Noticed that in suggestions, it will show the Tag name
  4. By choosing that, we can filter tagged pages


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