NS1 to NS2 Migration Guide

Noteshelf 2 (NS2) has a completely different notebook architecture compared to Noteshelf 1 (NS1). As such, we cannot migrate all your notebooks as-is to Noteshelf 2. As of now, we plan to continue to support and maintain NS1 alongside NS2 hence, we suggest you keep a copy of all your notebooks in NS1 until a point where you don’t see a need to keep referring to the notes in NS1.

How to start Migration process :

Step 1:
Open Noteshelf Classic
Step 2:
In the main shelf view, tap on the ‘Gear’/Settings icon.
Step 3:
Find and tap on ‘Migrate to Noteshelf 2’.

This will take you to a screen with instructions for migrating your notebooks from Noteshelf Classic to Noteshelf 2.


Please make sure to read the Migration Guide before you proceed.

The following are the limitations and/or issues you will run into once the data has been migrated to NS2:

  1. Your handwritten notes from NS1 notebooks cannot be erased within NS2. You can, however, add new notes to the migrated notebooks and edit them without any bounds. This limitation does not apply to the imported/annotated PDFs coming from NS1—they will work like any NS2 notebooks.
  2. Your NS1 notebooks covers will not look exactly the same as in NS2. They have been redesigned to match the design of NS2. Moreover, those covers migrated from NS1 cannot be used with NS2 notebooks.
  3. Notebooks set to dynamic orientation in NS1 may appear upside-down in NS2. As NS2 does not provide a dynamic orientation, there is no way for us to correctly identify the intended orientation of each page during migration.
  4. Some typed notes in mixed orientation notebooks may not migrate correctly to NS2.
  5. Corrupted notebooks will not be migrated.
  6. Passcodes on groups will be removed upon migration. So, if you would like to protect these notebooks, pl ungroup them in NS1 and put a passcode on them individually. You can group them again later, once they're in NS2.

If any of the above errors occur during migration, at the end of the migration process you will be presented with an option to view these errors. We suggest you save that information for your reference while you complete your transition to NS2.

We hope you enjoy using Noteshelf 2! Let us know what you think.

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