Noteshelf 3 Migration Guide

We are thrilled to introduce Noteshelf 3 — a new and more advanced version of your favorite note-taking app. You can easily migrate your entire data set from noteshelf 2 to Noteshelf 3 with the touch of a button!

Tap on the 3-dot icon->Settings on the main shelf to access this option.


Note: The “Migrate to NS3” option won't show up in the Settings for non-premium NS3 users.img_1226.png

Please read the following carefully to ensure a smooth transition from Noteshelf 2 to Noteshelf 3

  1. All your existing notebooks, groups, and categories in Noteshelf 2 will be transferred to Noteshelf 3 when you initiate the migration process. 
  2. Notebooks in the Uncategorized section in Noteshelf 2 will move to the Unfiled section in Noteshelf 3.
  3. Migration is available only to Premium users as the free version of Noteshelf 3 has a limit on the number of notebooks. If you wish to migrate some of your notebooks to the free version, you can do it in the following ways:
    1. Share the individual book to Noteshelf 3
    2. Open both the apps in the split-view mode and drag-and-drop the notebook directly.
  4. Once a notebook is migrated to Noteshelf 3, it will not be transferred again unless any modifications are made to it in Noteshelf 2. If you delete a migrated book in Noteshelf 3, it will not be a part of the migration again.
  5. The migration is a one-way process. Any modifications to the migrated book in Noteshelf 3 will not be reflected in Noteshelf 2.
  6. If you have favorite pens and highlighters added in Noteshelf 2, they will be migrated to Noteshelf 3 and can be accessed via the Favorites tool. You can add the Favorites tool to your toolbar from the Toolbar Customization menu
  7. Your favorite text styles from Noteshelf 2 will be added to the text styles menu in Noteshelf 3.
  8. If you have custom templates added in Noteshelf 2, they will be migrated to Noteshelf 3 and can be accessed under the ‘Custom’ tab in the Templates section
  9. Please note that custom covers and pen/highlighter colors added in Noteshelf 2 will not be migrated due to changes in the app architecture.


  1. If the migration is stuck on one book, we recommend dividing the book into smaller parts and attempting the migration again.
  2. If not all books migrated successfully, please ensure that your disk and iCloud have enough space. In case not, please clear some space and attempt the migration again.

We are excited for you to try out the app and explore all the new features. If you encounter any issues, please contact us via in-app support.

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