Introducing Snippets / Saved Clips/ Custom Stickers!

Your favorite Snippets, Saved Clips or Custom Stickers feature is finally here!!

You can now save any content i.e. handwriting, text, images, stickers, or a combination of all as clips for later use. 

To create a clip out of your content, simply lasso it and select the 'Save Clip' option. You can save any annotations as clips, be it images, emojis, written strokes, text, can also save combination annotations as clips!


  • Write any strokes on the page
  • Enable lasso and select the strokes
  • Tap on the 'Save Clip' option in the Lasso edit menu
  • You can add the clip in the default Category OR a new Category



To see & edit the added clips:

  • Tap on + menu -> Saved Clips
  • To rename, choose 'Edit'->tap on text box
  • Long tap on a saved clip to Add to the page OR Delete. Tap on the Close icon to delete clips
  • Tap on 'Delete Category' to delete the selected Category
  • Default category is 'My Clips'. You can also create a new category and tap on 'Add Clip' to save the selected strokes as a new clip


    Check this out now & let us know how it works out for you!!
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