Troubleshoot iCloud Sync Related Issues

Of late, we've received reports concerning the following issues:

  • Changes sync between devices at a very slow pace
  • Data does not appear on all the connected devices (may appear on iPhone, will not appear on another iPad, or vice-versa)
  • Sync speed is very slow between devices
  • Notes re-download from iCloud every time you open the app
  • You receive this error 'iCloud cannot connect'

If you've also experienced the same, the steps below may help:

Firstly, turn on Auto-backup to any of your drives before troubleshooting via the 3-dot icon->Settings->Cloud & Backup->Backup->Enable Auto-Backup button->Choose Drive & format

1. Restart all your connected devices

2. Ensure that iCloud Drive is enabled properly
on iOS: Settings app->Your iCloud account-> Enable iCloud Drive-> Enable Noteshelf 3 app


on MacOS: System Settings-> Apple ID->iCloud->iCloud Drive->Ensure Noteshelf 3 app is also selected

3. Ensure that you use the same iCloud account on all devices via device Settings->Apple ID->iCloud and verify that the same username is shown on each one of your devices

4. On iPhone, ensure that iCloud Drive & Noteshelf 3 can use cellular data via Settings->Cellular->Enable for Noteshelf 3 app

5. Ensure that iCloud Syncing is behaving properly by putting a test file in iCloud Drive either through the Finder on your Mac or with the Files app on your iPad then check to see if the file syncs to your other devices

6. Update your iOS/iPadOS, and/or macOS to the latest available version

7. Airdrop a test file between your devices while you're logged into the same iCloud account on all devices to confirm that the iCloud Sync is set up & working properly

8. Ensure that your iCloud account isn't running low on available space via Settings->Apple ID->iCloud->Check Account Storage from here

9. Ensure that your device isn't low on space (as this may interfere with the proper downloading of notes) via Settings->General->iPad Storage for iOS & for Mac: click  on Menu Bar->About This Mac-> Storage

10. Ensure that your device isn't low on battery as low Power Mode disables syncing to extend its battery life so, charge it until it is out of the Low Power Mode

11. Disable the iCloud button in the Noteshelf 3 app via the 3-dot icon->Settings->Cloud & Backup->Use iCloud button, close the app, restart the device then re-enable the iCloud switch

12. Check if syncing is prohibited by your business or your educational institution (if applicable) via Settings->General->Profiles button (if it is available)->check for any policy that says that documents in the cloud are not allowed

13. Turn off iCloud Private Relay (iPadOS 15)

14. As a last measure, log out of the iCloud account setup on all of your devices & log in again (Settings->iCloud Account->Sign Out), provided you have ensured a backup has been saved for all of your apps already

15. Contact Apple Support directly if issues persist because we as developers have very limited access & control over iCloud behaviors, it is entirely handled by Apple iCloud

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