Data Loss after upgrading to iOS 13


Entire Data in the Noteshelf Classic app is lost right after the iPad OS update and continues to have recurring data loss issues with new data entries.


Even with the latest iOS version, there are still certain issues with the Apple API that are actually not under our control. Our Developers & Test Engineers also did a thorough compatibility test but unfortunately, the issue couldn’t be regenerated even once and our lead developer is certain that there is no specific logic coded in the app that can actually delete the user data by itself. We surely think the issue is related to the new operating system. There are reports on the internet of other apps having the same issue after the introduction of iOS13 & there were also some other reports from our users who specifically had less space on their device's iCloud account due to which, their entire iPad got auto restored to a cloud backup from a couple of months back and they lost a lot of messages/SMS & other data on their devices, all after the iPad OS update. We’re working with Apple to see how this can be resolved.


-We've now provided a workaround for this issue with our v13.5 update. Pls update your app to fix the recurring data loss issue (not for bringing back the lost data).
-Coming to the lost data, pls note that the system automatically takes a backup before OS updates. So, pls check your last iCloud backup stamp and also see if there's any iTunes backup file in the recent days, right before the OS update as suggested here - If you do have a recent backup of your iPad, you can try restoring your device back to that date. Clear some space on your device & iCloud before performing the Restore process. 
-If you have a Dropbox backup of your notes, you can just re-import them back into the app now.
-NOTE :  Noteshelf Classic app will not be shown in the iCloud backup list because it didn't support individual app restore from the iCloud but the data should still come back into the app with a device restore (we have positive confirmations from other users regarding the same). Pls try this out & email us at if you have any further questions. 

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