Mac - How to upload your notebooks to Google Drive/Dropbox

The workflow to export your files to Google Drive/Dropbox is a little different than on other devices. Due to the restrictions of MacOS, you can only export your notebooks to the Finder app. However, you can configure your Google Drive/Dropbox to the Finder app. 

Follow the steps below to integrate Google Drive/Dropbox to the Finder app. 

  1. Download the Google Backup & Sync or Dropbox plugin for Mac. 
  2. Install the plugin(s) and login to your account. 
  3. You can now find the Google Drive/Dropbox folders in your Finder app. 
  4. Now, from within the Noteshelf app, select the notebook(s) you want to export. Select “Finder” as the location to export. 
  5. You can then choose the respective Drive folders to directly export them to Google Drive/Dropbox. 
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