What You’ll Miss From Noteshelf Classic

We made significant advancements in the app through Noteshelf 2. And one of those major changes is that Noteshelf 2 is based on Vectors, whereas Noteshelf Classic works at Pixel level.

Both approaches have their own pros and cons, but vectors are the best choice for note-taking apps. If you do a lot of drawing/sketching you will prefer using Noteshelf Classic. And if you primarily take handwritten notes or annotate documents, your preference will clearly be Noteshelf 2.

Below are few of the pros and cons of vectors. Knowing about them will help you decide which app works best for you.

Pros of vectors:

  • It is scalable to all device sizes and zoom levels without losing quality. This is one of the most important reasons why we chose Vectors for Noteshelf 2.
  • The size of vector files is comparatively smaller which optimizes iCloud usage.
  • Exporting a vector file is not a hassle at any size. Exports happen quicker.

Cons of vectors:

  • It is not possible to move parts of a stroke or image – they move as a whole due to vectors.
  • It is neither possible to flatten images and erase parts of it. It is not a pixel canvas anymore.
  • It is not feasible to erase/cut pen strokes or images partially as you would expect.
  • It is not ideal for complex drawing/sketching needs.

Here are few features which are not part of Noteshelf 2 and unfortunately, we’ll not be able to bring them in ever. However, we’re trying to work around few things.

  • It is not possible to sort the shelf as per your preferences. Custom shelf-sorting cannot be done in Noteshelf 2. Notebooks in the shelf are sorted by date or name.1.png
  • As of now, lasso transform function is also not present in Noteshelf 2. Nonetheless, we’re trying our best to bring it in our future releases of Noteshelf 2.
  • Rotating and resizing a photo before pasting it is not possible in Noteshelf 2.
  • There are differences in Eraser Functionality too. The eraser will not erase exactly as per its shape and size.2.png
  • As mentioned, it is not possible to flatten the images.
  • While cutting a stroke or image, it will select the whole portion as opposed to the selective parts.
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    Chris Starkey

    I really love Noteshelf 2 but I also really miss raster graphics. Mostly, the ability to edit underlying images and cut strokes. I wonder if there is any way to recreate either of those functionalities? Noteshelf 1 is the only notebook on the market based in raster, which is why it was my default notebook for the last 10 years. The added functionality of Noteshelf 2 has given me reason to migrate, but, I'm torn...I'm an architect.

    Edited by Chris Starkey
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