Migration Hangs/Crashes the Noteshelf Classic App

Issue :

After the migration process has started, Noteshelf Classic starts crashing & doesn’t complete the process

Resolution :

1.Observe if the app is freezing/crashing every time exactly at one particular notebook

2.If that is the case, please back up this problem notebook/pdf individually via the Air Transfer feature – https://noteshelf-support.fluidtouch.biz/hc/en-us/articles/214368948-Backup-Via-AirTransfer

OR via Dropbox auto backup – https://noteshelf-support.fluidtouch.biz/hc/en-us/articles/220597907-Dropbox-Auto-Backup

3.Make sure the notebook has downloaded completely into your computer/Dropbox then, delete that notebook from NS1 app and then continue with the migration process

4.If this notebook/pdf is not confidential in nature, do email it to us so we can try and fix any corruptions in it. You can later export that notebook directly from the main shelf of the Noteshelf Classic app into the new Noteshelf app.

Feel feel to reach out to our support team by clicking here, should you need any assistance.

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