What’s different in Noteshelf for Android

Noteshelf is now available for all Android devices with Android 6.0 and up. With this Noteshelf gets a plethora of new features like the iOS version, with a few device-specific exceptions. Let’s have a look at them-

Variety of Pens and Highlighters

Just like Noteshelf on iOS, the android version offers a choice of 3 pen styles and 2 highlighters along with a spectrum of color choices and nib sizes. 

Audio Recording

Noteshelf’s popular feature is now available on the android version as well! Record live audio or import audio files right into your notebooks.

Shapes tool

The Shapes tool is now more proficient and quick. Just select the tool and create any shape you desire, effortlessly!


Now work on another app alongside Noteshelf with the split-screen feature on your android tablet.

Import Documents & Images

You can import PDFs and images from your device or Dropbox and Google drive. Just select the Add (+) button on the notebook toolbar. 

Advanced Image Editing

You can also edit your imported images within the notebook with the advanced editing tool. Just tap on ‘Edit’ and crop, erase or lasso cut your image as you like!

Export your notebooks

You can Email your notebooks or Export them to cloud services like Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

Organize your notebooks

Organize your notebooks in groups or bookmark pages to easily access them whenever you want!

Auto Backup

Automatically backup all your notebooks to Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Evernote auto-publish

You can now automatically publish your notes with Evernote auto-publish feature.

Noteshelf Club

With your purchase, you also become a member of the Noteshelf Club with a wide variety of cover and paper templates to choose from and download. Just head to the Noteshelf Club by going to the Gear Icon-> Free Downloads. Inspirations Tab is also on the way to Android soon!

Happy note-taking!

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