Tools and Features in Noteshelf for Android


Global Search, search notebooks or content anywhere in the app
Sort notebooks by date modified or name
Gear Icon, Selection of in-app settings
Add menu
Quick Create - Creates a new notebook with default templates
New New Notebook - Creates a new notebook with custom templates
Import Document - Import documents from back-up apps
Scan Document - Scan an external document via camera


Go back to the Shelf
Add Menu.
Page - Create a new page with the same template as the current page
Page from Template - Create a new page with a new template
Photo - Import a Picture from device or cloud
Camera- Opens camera to capture a picture
Clipart- Search and add pictures from a wide range of images from the internet
Import Document- Import PDFs from device or cloud
Bookmark this page - Bookmarks the current page
Audio - Import an audio recording from another page
Record live audio
Undo the previous action, long press to select ‘redo’
Pen tool, select from a choice of pens, nib sizes, and colors
Highlighter tool, choose from two different nib shapes and various sizes
Favourites tool, add a pen or highlighter to favorites
Eraser tool
Text tool, select and tap twice on the page to open text box
Lasso tool, freeform selection for cut, copy, delete, resize and color change
Read-Only mode
Auto- shape tool, to draw perfect geometrical shapes
Share button, export to device or app
Finder tool - sort and rearrange pages within a notebook, search within your notes
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    is there an option using the eraser as True-eraser and not by strokes?

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