Mac - Noteshelf v6.1.8 Updates

We have updated Noteshelf for Mac with a handful of changes to the user experience. It now fits your MacOS ecosystem better, also making it easier for you to use and navigate within the app. Read on to see all the changes that you can see in your Mac app.

Categories Sidebar

The all-new ‘Categories’ sidebar brings more features into Noteshelf for Mac. You can now,

  • navigate to a different notebook category
  • create new categories
  • access your recently opened notebooks from the sidebar under the ‘Recent’ list
  • pin your important notebooks to the sidebar from the ‘Recent’ list

You can also hide the ‘Categories’ sidebar for a full-screen experience.

Re-designed Toolbar

The toolbar is simple and easy to use. You can access

  • edit option
  • add menu
  • global search option

The ‘Settings’ is now moved into the system toolbar. (more about it in the next section)

New Preferences menu

The ‘settings menu’ is now moved into the system toolbar. Access this under Noteshelf -> Preferences.

Keyboard shortcut: Command (⌘) and Comma (,)

New ‘Sort By’ menu

We’ve integrated the ‘Sort By’ menu into the system toolbar. You can find it under View -> Sort By.

Keyboard shortcuts:

  • Sort by date –  ^⌥⌘1 (Control+Option+Command+1)
  • Sort by name – ^⌥⌘2 (Control+Option+Command+2)

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