6 Features in Noteshelf You Might Not Know About

With so many changes and improvements flowing in, we feel it’s quite obvious for you to miss out on some of the tiny yet important features.

Here’s a list of 6 such features we think you might have missed.

  • Swipe Left for more Colors
    The Pen rack comes with 14 pre-defined colors. Swipe left on the pen rack to get more colors.
  • Customization of Color Swatches
    Did you know you could customize the color swatches? If you do, then great! If not, here’s how to do that.
    – Tap on the Pen to open the Pen Rack.
    – Press and hold on the color swatch to get the Custom Color window.
    – Choose the color you wish to write with and close the window.
    – You have a custom colored pen now!
    You could also tap on the edit option at the extreme right of the color swatch options to customize colors without losing the existing shade.
  • Date Stamp
    The date stamp is not to be seen?
    To see the date stamp, just tap on the Tools / Settings icon of the notebook toolbar->Get InfoIMG_3367.jpgIMG_3368.PNG
  • Expand the Zoom Box
    There’s a possibility to increase the size of the zoom box. Did you know that?
    To increase the size of the zoom box, press and drag the small triangle at the right bottom corner of the zoom box.
    Also for the convenience of your writing experience, you can use the top-right icon () to move the zoom box. This will assist in palm rejection.
  • Edit or Create New Categories
    Were you aware that you could edit existing categories or create new ones?
    – To create a new category, tap on ‘My Notes’ (default category).
    – Tap on ‘Add New Category’ and type the name of the category.
    – Your new Shelf category is created. Tap on ‘+’, to add notebooks to this shelf. You can also edit the existing categories by tapping on the ‘Edit’ icon in the category drop-down menu.
    – You could also add a category when you are moving a Notebook.
  • 2.png
  • Group Notebooks
    Do you know how easily you can group notebooks? You just need to drag one notebook on the other to group them together.
  • Swipe For Quick Access and Pages.
    Getting to your notebooks within a notebook or scrolling and getting to your pages just got easier.
    – Swipe from the left corner of the screen to drag a quick access menu. Notebooks are just a swipe away.
  • 3.png

    – Swipe from the right to view your Bookmarks, Tags, list and the table of contents in a PDF.
  • 4.png

We hope you find these features useful. Keep using Noteshelf and do reach out to us if you have any concerns.

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