How to Categorize Shelves in Noteshelf

The new Noteshelf lets you categorize your shelf as well to help you organize better. Now you can add “Categories” to your shelf like “Personal”, “Business”, etc and keep relevant books in them. This will help you keep your notebooks sorted and save you time in looking up for them.

Here’s how to categorize your shelf:
Step 1:
Open Noteshelf.
Step 2:
Tap on “My Notes” on the toolbar on top.
Step 3:
Find and tap on “Add New Category” in the drop-down menu.
Step 4:
Name your category, tap on ‘Done’, and you’re done!
Start adding notebooks to your new category, and keep your notes sorted by grouping them via drag & drop gesture on the notebooks.

Enjoy using Noteshellf!

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