How to Create and Manage Tags in Noteshelf iOS

Tagging a page would be helpful in quickly sorting and looking for specific information inside a notebook.


To create tags in the notebook-

  1. Tap on the add-dark_5x.png Plus icon on your Notebook toolbar.
  2. Tap on the Tags menu and select Page Tags.
  3. After typing the tag, press ‘Done’ on the keyboard to save the tag.
  4. Go to the page finder menu and select a page.
  5. Tap on "More" and tap on "Tags".
  6. After typing the tag, press ‘Done’ on the keyboard to save the tag.

To remove a tag from page, pls follow the steps mentioned below

1. Tap on page thumbnail / Finder menu (multi-page icon) on the notebook toolbar.

2. Select any page (long tap on a page to select it or tap on Edit and then tap on page to select).

3. Tap on 'More' icon->Tag.

4. Now you will be able to view the list of tags made.

5. Tap on the 'Add Tag' box then backspace the tags attached to the page using the Delete key on your keyboard.


You can also follow the same procedure via notebook toolbar->Tags icon->Page Tags->tap on 'Add Tag' box->backspace/delete attached tags on the page.


Note: We cannot edit the existing tag at present. And also, it is not possible to delete the tag from the notebook / tags list currently. We'll consider providing this option in future updates.


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    James Howard

    the "delete tags" instruction seems to remove the tag from the page but doesn't delete the tag...  is that a bug?


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