Digital diaries with custom term periods.

With the new update of Noteshelf, you can now create your own Digital Diaries with custom term      periods! How cool is that!

Read on to know-how. 

  1. Select the option to create a ‘New Notebook’1.png
  2. Select ‘Choose..’ to select the new template.
  3. Select ‘Digital Diaries’ from the list of available Paper Templates. 2.png
  4. Select any one of the available choices to bring up the duration selection wheel.          3.png                                  
  5. Once the duration is selected, click on ‘Done’ and then on ‘Create Notebook’ to create your customDigitalDiary. 4.png

Note to remember

  • You need to make sure that your Start Date is before the End Date.
  • You can only have a maximum duration of 12 months for your custom digital diaries

Any violation of these rules will result in an error message within the app.

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    Chris Starkey

    I love this Diary, but, I would love the ability to edit elements of the format. Specifically, I'd like it to be more like a planner. With space for tasks and scheduling and a box for daily habits that shows up at each level. At the year and month level, you should scale the size of the hyperlink to just the Month/day characters, so that it is possible to write text in the box without sending the hyperlink.

    Is it possible to create my own template with hyperlinking such as this diary?

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    Reto Kaufmann

    I hope I didn't overread anything: any chance to create a version with week starting on Monday? If yes, then it's really cool. Otherwise rather not...
    Kind regards, Reto

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    I'm trying to update my journal for 2022 and when following these instructions, it won't let me add the "Digital Diaries" template. Has something changed? 

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