iWatch Sync Issues?

If the iPhone is near to the iWatch, the iWatch will start sending the files to iPhone automatically and you should see them when tapped on the ‘Watch icon’ in the iPhone app (attached screenshot showing the watch icon on iPhone app). While receiving at the iPhone side, if the iCloud is enabled on the iPhone (as suggested here – http://support.noteshelf.net/knowledge-base/how-to-enable-icloud-sync-in-noteshelf/), the files will then be transferred to iCloud automatically so that the other devices configured with same iCloud account will receive them and show up in the UI.

Please take care of the following points for the process to happen smoothly –

-The iCloud needs to be enabled on your iPhone and iPad (if you want the recordings to also show up on iPad)
-And all these devices should be using the same Apple ID/iCloud accounts. You can make sure of this via the ‘Settings’ app of your iPhone/iPad devices

To troubleshoot issues with syncing –

-Restart Apple Watch
-Use “Send To iPhone” option when long pressed on the recordings screen in the Watch. Note: File transfer time depends on audio duration

If issues persist, pls send us the logs & extended log via the Gear icon->Support tab from your iPhone to which the apple watch is configured so that we can look into the flow and suggest accordingly.


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