How to export file to device storage

Follow the given steps to export your notebooks in the native ".nsa", ".pdf" or ".png" to your device's local storage-

  1. Select the notebook or the pages to be exported

  2. Tap on 'share' and select the desired format

  3. Tap on "Save to Device" to save the file to your device's local storage.

At present, Noteshelf does not have an option to export your files to the external storage (SD card) due to security issues.

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    Why does it leave out keyboard written text components when exporting to pdf?


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    Why does everytime i save a file by "Save to device" it is stored in /storage/emulated/0.
    And when I check my storage, there no files at all.

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    I know right... Where da heck is the file. Another problem I want to solve is, is it possible to export multiple files?


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