Heavy selection not supported?

Currently we're unable to support lasso selection for heavy content due to some technical considerations but we plan to work on this for future updates. We appreciate your patience with us in the meanwhile.

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    Danny B

    What is considered excessive or heavy? I have errors when even copying one image, which is making this app unusable.

    When will this be fixed?

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    Willow Kai

    I created a basic monthly grid... and it can't be copied?! That's ridiculous!

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    Just to add to this, on a 2 page document, I've created ~4 simple shapes (circles, squares, etc.) When I attempt to lasso and copy one of those shapes, the Android app crashes on my tablet. This isn't a feature request, it's a critical bug that needs to be addressed.

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    Any updates on this?? I am regretting my decision to switch to android right now. I use the crap out of these features and this is extremely frustrating.

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