No Google Drive Auto-Sync?

The Google Drive option is only for auto backup, it doesn't auto-sync data between devices. You can, however, restore your notebooks manually onto the other device from the backup location via “+” icon at the right side bottom corner -> “Import Document” -> Select the “.nsa” file from Google Drive (if your backup location is dropbox, then download the files first and select them from the downloaded location). Pls try this and let us know if you have any questions.

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    Matt Memarian

    I tried this way of syncing my phone and laptop between the app on Google Drive and it just seems too tedious and after a while, I can see it becoming an issue. (Squid Notes is the same way and it was annoying after a while). It would benefit the consumer if it was Auto-backup and Auto-sync for Google Drive.

    For example. I have a Google Pixelbook and a Google Pixel 2 XL. I write notes in class on my Google Pixelbook, it auto-backups and auto-syncs (just like google docs, sheets, slides, keep) and let's say someone asked me a question about the class and I wrote the notes down for it but my laptop is in my backpack and I am on the move. I should be able to pull out my phone and quickly look it up and give them my answer to their question. Or, if I don't have my laptop out and I just want to quickly look something up and change something in Noteshelf, I can pull out my phone and change whatever note or setting and it auto-backup/sync on my laptop with ease. It would make our lives so much better and easier knowing there is less hassle to work within this app. 

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    Nebojsa Jeremic

    Dear Niikita,

    Import nsa file in other device is ok but is not useful especialy for daily use, in paralell, on tablet and mobile ...

    Feature auto sync, it will be implemented on android and if is yes when you expect.


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    Enzo Fighetti

    Please! This is a key feature in order to have a perfect app

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