Handwriting lags and stutters

There is an issue with a few devices where the handwriting takes some time to appear after being written. Sometimes the stylus also fails to be recognized and no handwriting appears.

We have noted this issue however, due to technical difficulties, we are facing delays in fixing this.

Please bear with us until further updates.

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    Anurag Sakharkar

    Please keep us updated. Stylus lag is one of the largest issues keeping most Android and Chrome OS users moving from other apps with inferior features.

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    Dave Cheeseborough

    Any update on this? I've been using Squid on Chromebook and it's very responsive. I'm sure Noteshelf could match this?

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    I'm having this problem recently on my iPad using Apple Pencil and v8.4.7 note shelf.  The only solution I can find a reboot/reset of the iPad.  I've tested my Pencil with other writing apps and it is only happening in Noteshelf.

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