Pen rack and Color Picker UI Enhancements


The most demanded pen size slider is finally here! Now make your writing more smooth and effortless with our new pen size slider feature. Our latest release includes this dynamic feature where you can now change the pen size much easier with an easy to use slider. Not only have we introduced thinner nib sizes, but now you can choose the nib size in increments of 0.1mm!


To change the pen size:

  1. Open your notebook and tap on naviconPenDark_2x.pngpen tool 
  2. Drag the slider button towards the right to increase the pen size
  3. Drag the slider button towards the left to decrease the pen size
    * Watch the video below to see how it's done!

Movable Favorite Toolbar:

Now move your favorite toolbar wherever you want to! Your favorite toolbar is now mobile and can be placed anywhere on the page. Adding and deleting favorite pens is also easier!

To move the favorite toolbar, long hold the favorite toolbar with your apple pencil and drag it around the page.

Enhanced Color Picker UI:
With a new and improved color picker, color selection is now quicker than before. You can also select the individual color or an entire color palette.


To pick any color:

  1. Open your notebook and tap on the naviconPenDark_2x.pngpen tool 
  2. To change any color, tap on it and add new color by just sliding across the custom color palette
  3. Tap on the Screenshot_2021-01-20_at_4.59.49_PM.png plus icon and pick any new color from the custom palette
  4. Tap on COLOURlovers to pick a single color or an entire palette

    Let us know how you like these features. Happy note-taking!
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