How to restore page template on Noteshelf Android

If you change the page template accidentally and lose the data on your page, there is nothing to worry about. While the undo button cannot reverse the template change, you can easily change the page template back to the original and restore your notes. Keep reading to know-how.

To change the page template-

  1. Tap on the Shape.png wrench menu
  2. Select " Combined_Shape.png change page template”
  3. Select the page orientation of your original notes - portrait or landscape
  4. Select the page template originally selected

If you do not remember which template you had originally selected, you can try different templates until you find the right one. This will not affect the notes on your page.

Note- if you want your notes to fit on a different page template, you can duplicate the page, resize the notes with the lasso tool and then change the page template.

Watch the video below for a demonstration!

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