How to Lock your Notes on Noteshelf iOS

If you are on a shared computer or iPad, you might want to secure your notebooks from other users. This can be easily done by locking your notes with a password. This feature is available on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS.

To enable password for your notebooks:

  1. From the Shelf mode, tap on the notebook you want to secure with a password
  2. Tap on the "Shape.png Notebook Options" menu
  3. Enable the toggle next to the "icon.png Password" option
  4. A dialogue box pops up asking for Password, Verify Password and Hint
    *If you forget the password then please take note that upon entering the wrong passcode a couple of times, the app will show you the 'Hint' that you had setup earlier on the screen.
  5. You can also Use Touch ID to lock your notes but you will still need to setup a password.


Now every time you open this notebook, Noteshelf will ask you for the touch ID/Password.


Watch this video to see how it works-

Hope this helps. Happy Note-taking!

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