How to set up and enable auto-backup?

Noteshelf allows you to back up your notes so you don't lose anything important.
Turning on auto-backup will automatically save your notes to your desired backup location.

Follow these steps to turn on auto-backup:

Tap on the menu icon (The icon on the top left side of the app's main shelf screen)

    1. Tap on Settings 
    2. Select ‘Cloud & Backup
    3. Click ‘Auto Backup’ and choose the location to which you want to back up your notes to
    4. The locations you can back up your notes to are:
    5. You will need to log in to the account where you want to store your backup. 


      6. Login to the account you want to save a backup of your notes.


      Now all your files will be automatically backed-up to your desired location.
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