NS3 for Apple Watch is here!!!

Noteshelf 3 for the iWatch is here to add more power & versatility to your note-taking needs! Try it now!

To install:

- Install the Apple Watch app if it does not exist on the iPhone
- Click "My Watch" Tab
- Scroll to the end
- You can see the Noteshelf 3 app with the Install option.

To sync/import iWatch data into existing/new notebooks in Noteshelf:

  1. iWatch will start sending the files to the iPhone automatically if the iPhone is near to iWatch


  • Tap on the Plus icon on the main shelf OR within the notebook 
  • Select 'Apple Watch recordings' 

Image 24-11-23 at 7.26 PM.JPEGImage 24-11-23 at 7.27 PM.JPEG


Upon importing recordings, the template will be displayed with the 'Apple Recordings' string and date on the top left corner of the page.


iCloud sync to iPhone:

The files will be automatically transferred to iCloud so that other devices configured with the same iCloud account will receive them and show up in the UI.

Enable iCloud on your iPhone and iPad (if you want the recordings to also show up on your iPad).

Both the devices should have the same Apple ID/iCloud accounts. Check it from the mceclip0.png ‘Settings’ of your iPhone/iPad devices

Note: File transfer time depends on audio duration

Troubleshooting Sync Issues:

If the sync is still not working automatically:

  1. Uninstall it from the Apple Watch and install it again from the Apple Store of the Apple Watch
  2. Restart the app on your iPhone (provided any of your new data on the watch is already backed up onto the app on your iPhone/iPad to avoid data loss).
  3. If issues persist, send us the logs via the 3-Dot icon on the main shelf->Settings->Noteshelf Help->Compose icon->Send Logs option from your iPhone to which the Apple Watch is configured so that we can look into the flow and suggest accordingly.

We hope this helps! Happy note-taking.


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