Copy-Paste functions in Noteshelf iOS

Here are all the Copy-Paste functions that you can use on Noteshelf. Keep reading to find out more about these functions-

To bring in typed text (either from other apps or from other notebooks within the app) -

  1. Copy the source content onto the iPad Clipboard
  2. Open your notebook and tap on the text-dark_3x.png text icon
  3. Double-tap on the page to open up the text box
  4. Long tap inside this text box to get the "Paste" option

To copy-paste images or handwritten content between the existing notebooks in the app -

  1. Tap on the cut-dark_3x.png Lasso tool
  2. Outline the desired item
  3. Tap on the outline
  4. Select "Copy"
  5. Go to the destination page
  6. Tap on the Lasso tool again
  7. Select "Paste"

To copy-paste images from another app, follow these steps -

  1. Copy the source content onto iPad Clipboard
  2. Tap on the Lasso tool within the app (while you're in the 'Pen Mode', not in the text (T) mode)
  3. Select "Paste"
  4. You can "drag and drop" images from another app. Read this article to learn more about Drag and Drop functions in Noteshelf.

    Hope this helps. Happy note-taking!


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