How is Noteshelf 3 more advanced than Noteshelf 2?

More than ever before, Noteshelf 3 aims at allowing you to call your own shots! The all-new personalized experience adds more power to your workflow by giving you single-tap access to your most used tools and letting you focus only on what you want. We have enhanced the notebook creation process & made design workflows more intuitive. Here are a few other things that distinguish the new app & sets it miles ahead of the rest!

  • PDF Format Backups:
    Yes! You heard that right!! The biggest benefit of this is that you'll get accessibility to your notes from anywhere as they're in readable format, compared to the native format backups.
  • Content Views for finding your notes easily:
    Content Views are like folders on your shelf that automatically populate/segregate notes based on your photos, recordings, and bookmarks making it easier than ever to find exactly what you're looking for!
  • Access to a master list of Tags from the main Shelf:
    Access your Tags much faster & have a bird's eye view of all your priorities via the Tags View. This again adds tremendous power to your workflow. From the main shelf, you can view all the pages with a similar tag come together. You can long-tap on the pages to add or remove Tags right there from the Shelf! 
  • Re-arrange/sort Categories:
    This too has been requested quite a bit since Categories were first introduced in Noteshelf 2! The ability to rearrange or sort categories offers you a high degree of flexibility and control over your note organization, prioritization & accessibility. 
  • Quick Note Settings:
    Now you can choose how you'd like your quick note to be created with respect to the size, line height, paper color & orientation! The default is a blank white page on the first launch and then what you choose once will remain the default one for creating Quick Notes until you change it again. 
  • Custom colors for Templates:
    Custom colors for templates offer visual differentiation to you & flexibility to adapt the app to your own preferences and needs. Whether for personalization, branding, accessibility, or organization, customizable template colors enhance the overall usability and aesthetics of the app, making your app experience more versatile and engaging.
  • Writable Covers:
    Covers in Noteshelf 3 are now full-sized so you can write or doodle on them and make them your own.

  • Customizable Toolbar:
    The customizable toolbar offers you tailored control over your choicest tools, promoting efficiency, personalization, and productivity. You decide precisely what tools you want on your toolbar and remove the ones you don’t ever use. It adapts to individual preferences and workflows, making the app more versatile and distraction-free.
  • Focus Mode:
    In this mode, all the tools will be removed from the screen with a quick 4-finger tap gesture. Enjoy an edge-to-edge note-taking experience where the paper fills the entire screen. Cut the diversions and stay completely focused on your task.
  • Floating Mini Toolbar:
    Our users collectively change pen colors roughly 5 million times each day! With this in mind, we’ve made the pen colors and sizes readily accessible with a single tap on a mini toolbar—no more going through menus for this. You can also drag & drop to dock this toolbar to any of the 8 places, on all sides of the screen.
  • Stickers:
    Stickers have been one of the most requested features from our power users over the years & we finally delivered! Stickers engage you further with your note-taking process as they add creativity & fun to your workflow and act as memory aids too! They help tremendously with visual storytelling. And now, you can also create Custom Stickers / Snippets / Saved Clips
  • Lasso tool multi-options:
    The Lasso tool now supports pre-defined boxed selection vs. free-hand. You can also choose to enable/disable Lasso for Handwriting, Text Boxes, Photos, or Shapes independently.
  • Color Picker Tool:
    This lets you pick up any color from the background of the pages.
  • Custom Textbox color:
    The textbox color can be set to any color of your choice.

  • Text Line Spacing:
    The text line spacing setting allows you to control the vertical space between lines of text within a note or document. This feature is essential because it can significantly impact the readability of your notes. It offers you personalized control over the visual appearance of your typed text. 
  • Advanced Image Editing:
    We've now enabled a non-uniform image cropping feature as per heavy user demand, to give a more customized image editing experience. We can't wait for you to try it. 
  • Web Clips:
    Web clips allow you to save content from websites directly into your note-taking app. This includes articles, blog posts, research papers, images. Instead of copying and pasting text or taking screenshots, now you can capture and store web content with ease. Web clips are valuable for research purposes. You can clip articles, references, and sources related to your study or project and store them alongside your notes. Once you've clipped web content, it becomes accessible offline. This is particularly useful when you want to review or refer to web pages, articles, or research materials while not connected to the internet. Check it out now!
  • Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) Integration:
    We are thrilled to introduce Noteshelf AI [Beta], your very own virtual assistant built right into the app. Simply ask Noteshelf AI for guidance, tips, or even a quick summary of notes, and it will provide you with all the note-taking assistance you need. It can generate, explain & even translate your notes on your behalf. We have to admit, the amount of craze this feature has garnered amongst our users is like never before and even unheard of, with any other features ever! Come see what wonders it can do for you too!















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