App Launch Delay / iCloud error when loading the app

Have you recently been facing the issue with a long wait time when the app opens up?

There is an error from the iCloud side which is causing this & we're working with Apple to resolve the same on a high priority basis.

They sent us some suggestions to help us understand what's going wrong with the iCould system & we’re looking forward to working with you to identify the root cause.

We need you to first install some profiles and then follow the below approach:
1. Install the iCloud Drive profile to the device
2. Reproduce the issue on the device and then capture the 'sysdiagnose' (pls take note that this will not help without first following step 1 above)

Send us the captured sysdiagnose file via an in-app email (3-dot icon-Settings-Noteshelf Help-Compose icon-Send mail option) OR drop us an email to Noteshelf[at]

Once after sending us the sysdiagnosis file, pls try the solutions suggested here to fix the issue for now:

We deeply regret the inconvenience this issue has been causing to your workflow & look forward to providing a solution for this ASAP. 

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